Being A Man Of God


How does the world define a Man? The only qualification I see is that he must be 18 years old.

What is God’s definition of a Man? I believe God ask His Men to do several things. Here are eight ways,

  1. Accept your Responsibility.
  2. Embracing Your Identity.
  3. Redeeming your History.
  4. Walking in Integrity.
  5. Serving and Protecting
  6. Winning the Blessing of Our Children
  7. Leaving a Legacy
  8. Surrounding ourselves with Accountability

{ example’s taken from the Courageous bible study for men}

To do these things, Men we will have to have be COURAGEOUS.

At As Is Church there are several ways to start this journey of Courageous living.

We have Disciple Huddles going and new one’s planned to start in the near future.

We have a Men’s Retreat coming up March 3rd thru March 5th, the theme is Proverbs 27; 17 “As Iron Sharpens Iron, so a friend sharpens a friend”. NIT. These Retreat’s change life’s, but it does take a commitment to the whole weekend. Register online at

Also Men’s Ministry is looking for men to STAND in the gap and serve the men at AS IS Church through Bible studies, mentoring, web page design, men’s breakfast, fun activities, Brother’s blessing Brother’s through encouragement, etc.

So I am calling You OUT MEN. Will You JOIN ME and co labor together in this vision to become a MAN OF COURAGE?

“AS for ME and MY house, WE will SERVE the LORD. Joshua 24:15

Michael Albrecht

Men’s Ministry Director As Is Church