Blessed To Be A Blessing


I was blessed to join our Need2Feed and Love Shack Relief Ministry team last night (in the rain and darkness).  Every Wednesday evening a group of people take the resources that  have been generously donated – food, clothing, basic care items – and we go out and share God’s love with a broken and hurting world.  You could say it is AS IS Church’s Wednesday night church service.  Only here, instead of warming a seat and being fed, we’re going out and meeting people where they’re at…It’s really church outside the walls…

As I drove home from our Gateway location I started reflecting on how generous people are…Every pair of socks, toothbrush, bottle of water, sandwich, hug, smile, loving embrace…All acts of love and generosity…Not just the people serving together last night, but our entire community coming together, sharing their resources and items to care for those less fortunate…I could not get the thought of them and their generosity out of my mind.

Then I started thinking about our faith family…AS IS Church…I started reflecting on how generous this group of people actually is…The majority aren’t wealthy, no, most are barely making it, paycheck to paycheck…Giving and serving faithfully…They remind me of the church that Paul was talking about in II Corinthians 8 where he said that those people did not give because they were rich and had plenty to spare—they gave out of their poverty! Amazing!

If you’re receiving this and you live your life generously I want you to know that you represent Jesus well! God’s call on our life is to be generous. NEVER, EVER in Scripture does He give the thumbs up to a greedy person. Nowhere does the Bible indicate that someone who is in love with Jesus will be greedy. We are called to be generous with all we have and I can honestly say that our faith family lives this out!

So keep it up!  You’ve been blessed to be a blessing. Be generous.  Be brave.  Be selfless.  You’re making a difference! 

Pastor Scott