Called To Pray

Prayer is one of the most important aspects of the Christian life. You cannot live the Christian life without prayer, and you cannot live the Christian life well without praying well.  As Christians, we have been called to pray, and so I ask you take a look at this short version on a teaching of prayer. I want us to look at three aspects of prayer in particular: 1) prayer is a privilege, 2) prayer is a discipline, and 3) prayer is a responsibility

I Prayer is a privilege.

Prayer is a privilege. Let’s go back to the basic definition of prayer: “Prayer is conversation with God.” Stop and think about that for a moment. Prayer is conversation with God! That one simple statement should overload every circuit of your brain. When we pray, we converse with God – God the creator, God the almighty, God the all-knowing, God the majestic one, God the Supreme Being and absolute ruler of all. We should never cease to be amazed that the God of the universe wants to talk with us! Prayer is a privilege.

II Prayer is a discipline.

So, if prayer is such a wonderful privilege, why don’t we pray more? Why do we struggle so much with our prayer life? We struggle because prayer is not only a privilege. Prayer is also a discipline. We must develop the discipline and practice of prayer in our life if we are to enjoy this remarkable privilege. And because it is a discipline, we must persevere. We must put some effort into developing the practice of prayer in our life.

III. Prayer is a responsibility.

And then finally, prayer is a responsibility. We are called to prayer not only as a privilege and a discipline, but we have a responsibility to pray as Christians as well. A reason why prayer is a responsibility is because people depend on our prayers. The apostle Paul often began his letters with prayer and ended his letters asking for prayer. Romans 15:30 is a good example: “I urge you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me.” (Romans 15:30)  Paul knew that he couldn’t make it without prayer. And neither can you or me. We need each other’s prayers, and so we have a responsibility to be praying for each other.

CONCLUSION: As Christians we are called to pray. So let me encourage you to pray. Begin and end each day with prayer. Pray throughout the day as various things come up. Pray together with your family and friends. Prayer is an amazing privilege. Think about it – we get to talk to God our Father! It is a constant discipline – it is not always easy to pray, and we just have to stick with it. And it is an awesome responsibility – God works in this world and in other people’s lives through our prayers. We are called to pray


For the full version of this teaching and further teachings contact Rebecca or Miguel Tellez; ASIS Prayer Ministry leaders