Intentional Discipleship


Faith Family!  Pastor Jason here.  Fall is also here!  Summer break is a wrap, kiddos are back to school and this means a new season at As Is Church as well.  This month, we are excited to dedicate the blog to our discipleship process as well as present multiple opportunities for YOU to take the next step in connecting further in community.  We believe that in order for us to grow deeper, risk in our walk further, and to fulfill the potential we all possess as Christ-followers, it is imperative to engage intentional discipleship.

We define four key areas this can happen as a part of the As Is Church family:  BELONG, BELIEVE, BECOME, and walk BESIDE.  Check this out:

BELONG:  How connected are you beyond the walls of As Is Church?  When you hear the words ‘belonging, community, or family,’ what comes to your mind? All of these terms can cultivate a sense of internal comfort or internal conflict depending on your life experience.  As Is Church is committed to create a redeemed sense of ‘community’ among its people and our primary opportunity is through our life group ministry (doing life together).  Life groups are purposed to bring people together for a season of life in which they can enter one another’s story.  We believe that discipleship is most realized within a smaller group of people who seek to learn, serve, and feast together.   Life groups gather all around the metro area, consist of people across the spiritual maturity spectrum, and meet for a duration as determined by the group leader.

BELIEVE:  We have all interacted with the saying, “seeing is believing.”  As Christ-followers, though, we are compelled to seek relationship with Him far beyond our five senses; this is the essence of ‘faith.’  As Is Church desires to create an environment where we are safe enough to learn and grow in our faith with Jesus, yet confident enough to challenge previous mind frames, mentalities, or false belief systems that have set themselves up against the knowledge (belief) in God.  There are a variety of opportunities within the discipleship process of As Is Church where a person can learn the deeper truths and discover the heart of God.  A spectrum of Bible studies, classes, and other resources are available to interact with subjects such as God’s Word, finances, marriage, communication, identity, gifts, etc.  Our ‘BELIEVE’ classes differ from our typical life groups, in the fact they have a specific start and end time (typically set in the measurement of weeks).

BECOME:   You are not the person you were yesterday, nor are you who you will be tomorrow!  God loves to show off His best work by changing His people from the inside out.  As Is Church is full of people who have both received and understood God’s grace and mercy as He walks us from darkness into the light.  Whatever you battle with:  from habits hurts or hang-ups….or perhaps more intense afflictions such as addiction, trauma, or even mental illness, we believe that God has empowered us to BECOME someone new.  We offer programs, ministries, and resources such as Celebrate Recovery, the Genesis Process, Wounded by Shame-Healed by Grace, sexual addiction groups, Pastoral Biblical Counseling, and much more.  ‘Belonging’ and ‘believing’ are significant aspects of discipleship, but the growth and change that are experienced in our ‘becoming’ more like Christ demonstrate His heart as He empowers us to be all we can be(come) for His purpose in our lives.  Again, these groups/classes have a specific start and end time (typically set in the measurement of weeks).

BESIDE:  Perhaps the most significant fruit grown in our relationship with Christ, is the way He transforms our heart for the people we walk BESIDE.  God loves to invest into our lives through the relationships He has connected us.  Furthermore, He uses the gifts, talent, wisdom, and experience of the body of Christ to grow us as we walk life out.  As Is Church is committed to this relational discipleship process within its people, as they seek to mentor, and be mentored.  We believe that as we walk alongside others who are not as far on the ‘journey’ as us, that we are indeed sharing a gift with them through our investment.  Furthermore, we need people on the other ‘side’ of us that are also further along on the journey of faith and life.  Mutual relationships (giving and receiving) are crucial components of our discipleship journey.   Ask us today about the various opportunities (1:1 mentoring, marriage mentors, etc) that are available, and/or if you are interested in investing into our ministry of ‘walking beside’ another as they seek Christ.

So there you have it!  If you are interested in either connecting into one of these groups, classes, or opportunities–or you feel you are ready to step out and LEAD in one of these areas—there are a number of ways to do so.

1. Sundays you are free to check out our Connection Counter located in the lobby where you will find options for open groups

2. Contact Marla Madderra (discipleship administrator)

3. Visit our website

Friends, today is the day to take the next step toward growth and maturity in loving God and loving others.  We cannot do life alone!  Seek to get CONNECTED and get ready to be blessed beyond belief as you walk out this journey with others as we walk with Christ.

You are loved!


Pastor of Discipleship