Reality Of Addiction


After viewing the Macklemore Drug Dealer music video I decided to share a few thoughts on addiction. Please take a couple minutes to read this.

My name is Scott Bradley. I am a husband of 17 years, father of two beautiful daughters, pastor of an amazing church, community leader, author, and I’m in active recovery from a compulsive/impulsive/obsessive desire to alleviate my fear, control my pain, and find peace through overworking (especially in ministry and fitness), relationships (primarily people pleasing, judgments, critical spirit, resentment, un-forgiveness), fear (anxiety, anger, obsession with historical trauma), food and preoccupation with body image, fantasy and social media, sex and pornography, gambling, substances (drugs, alcohol, pills), gaining knowledge to position myself above others, and a host of other things.

The truth: These things actually work. They provide temporary relief and a sense of normalcy.

The problem: When done compulsively/obsessively these things destroy lives and relationships. They offer life and give you death.

The solution: Acknowledge. Admit. Accept.

• Acknowledge that your life is out of control. (Powerlessness, Break Denial)
• Admit you need help. (Confess, Break Secrecy, Repent)
• Accept help from others. (You Can’t Do It Alone)

Sobriety is not recovery, it is only the first step. Recovery is the processes of changing your life from the inside out, not eliminating destructive behaviors. I know countless people who are clean and sober who became more angry and irritable because they resent their limitations (Why can’t I drink, use, or do what I please like everyone else?!?!).

Equation for addiction: Codependent (Family System/People) + Source = Addict

If you remove the codependent (enabler/system of support) you will take a big bite out of addiction (it’s impossible to remove the source).

If you have a loved one or family member dealing with addiction my question is this: What role do you play? You cannot have an addict without a co-dependent.

The role of God and His people. Giving up control to God and learning to receive help from others is key. You can’t do this alone.

If (I almost laugh when writing ‘if’ because addiction is present in nearly every family/individual’s life) you need help and are willing to address the root issues of your (or someone you love) addiction/codependency please email me at or visit our church website

There is help. There is hope. There are people who truly understand addiction and what it takes to be free.

You are loved.

Pastor Scott Bradley