Relationships In Children’s Ministry


In a day where children are stuck to a technological device, how are we to keep them motivated during church service?  How are volunteers able to keep each child’s attention?

The answer? Relationships.  We build relationships with the children in our classroom.  We don’t sit there and teach at them…we talk and we LISTEN.  So many kids just want to be heard.  When asking a child how we can pray for him/her, the heart of that child is open.  You learn about their fears, their vulnerability, their desire to have a safe place to talk.  This doesn’t just happen overnight.  It takes time.

Through these relationships, children then learn that they are loved.  When a child knows they are loved and there is nothing they can do to change that, something begins to change in them.

The shell that has protected them for so long becomes softer, their behavior changes from trying to test the boundaries, to having emotions and beginning to feel.  There is something about consistency and having your child continue to come to church and build relationships.  The Lord works through the perseverance.  Children’s hearts can change from…”I HAVE to go to church,” to “I GET to go to church.”

So, when your child tells you they do not want to come church, encourage them to try it.  Not just once or twice, but multiple times so that they have an opportunity to build relationships with other peers and leaders and to know that they are loved.

Cassiday Hopkins

Children’s Ministry Director