Ten Things To Remember About As Is Church


#1 – God has been GOOD to us.  We’re seeing and experiencing things that rarely happen in one’s lifetime.  There are days I simply get on my knees and thank Him for who He is and How He loves us.

#2 – We are going to have to take HUGE steps of faith to see the dream God has given us become a reality.  Churches that pray but refuse to take action never actually do what God has called them to do…and many wind up dying a slow and painful death because they prayed for things that God was more than willing to do if they had just acted on what they were praying for!

#3 – We must be more passionate about what we are FOR rather than what we are AGAINST!  Playing church and telling people you can’t do this and you can’t do that and looking down on others isn’t going to work for us. We believe the gospel is GOOD NEWS not bad religious advice.

#4 – We must be more passionate about reaching OUTSIDERS instead of pleasing insiders.  As the church grows there will be a temptation to keep things the way they “used to be.”  As the church grows we must grow and mature as leaders, as servants, as followers of Christ.  This will empower us to fulfill our calling: “Sharing God’s Love with a Broken and Hurting World.”  It’s not about comfort it’s about calling; it’s not about happiness it’s about holiness; it’s not only about me it’s about community.

#5 – We WILL be rejected for our calling.  Some people just won’t get it or understand our vision and mission…unfortunately this truth is usually found in other “churched” people!  There comes a time when we quit barking up the wrong tree and start searching for those who accept the calling of AS IS Church.

#6 – We MUST come face to face with our own doubts!  When we are tempted to doubt God’s faithfulness we simply have to remind ourselves to stop and look at all He has done…knowing that we’re not where we are because we’re so great…we’re where we are because of His Great Faithfulness to us.

#7 – Relationships WILL be tested.  People come and go but God is here to stay.  This is not an easy one for me.  I see church as a family and when people leave, for any reason, it hurts.   One day people proclaim “we’re all in” and the next they’ve moved on.   We must learn to grieve our losses and move on so that we can experience #8.

#8 – LIFELONG friendships will be established.  There are people I did not know 6, 12, 24 months ago or even when we launched the church that have become unbelievable friends and partners in ministry.  If we become bitter about who is gone then we’ll miss the blessing of who God’s bringing in!

#9 – If it is God’s WILL then it is God’s BILL!  Finances are part of the equation folks.  We need resources to fulfill God’s vision for us.  But let’s remember “What the King wants the King pays for!”

#10 – We ARE going to experience a whole new level of spiritual warfare…just remember, the only reason the enemy is attacking us is because he sees the threat!  He sees that we’re taking ground and he’s not happy. Next time you’re in battle remember the promise of Jesus in John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

~ Pastor Scott