They Said


They Said…

They said I was a failure (an anchor without a vessel)

They said I was too broken (a puzzle with missing pieces)

They said I was too stupid (no potential to be a leader)

They said I would never amount to much (so I should just stop dreaming)

They said I was a burden (a heavy load placed on other people)

They said I was problem (an equation without a solution)

They said I had a record (no one would ever touch me)

They said I was a quitter (unable to finish what I started)

They said I was a mistake (that I never should’ve happened)

They said I was worthless (like trash to be discarded)

They said I was unlovable (an object of no one’s affection)

Then I believed…

I am a failure with no hope of a future

I am too broken to really make a difference

I am too stupid to make the right decisions

I am a burden that causes life-long resentments

I am a problem that can’t be solved or answered

I am a convict and no one will ever trust me

I am a quitter that never gives full effort

I am a mistake that shouldn’t take up space in someone else’s place

I am a worthless piece of crap in someone else’s garden

I am unlovable like fools gold sitting next to a diamond

Then Jesus said…

Your failures will lead you to freedom that no one else can experience

Your  brokenness will become a blessing for other hurting people

Your ignorance will instruct you to make the correct choices

Your burden will shift to the enemy as you walk in my victory

Your problems will lead you to bigger and better solutions

Your convictions will be redeemed and I will get the glory

Your immaturity will pass and your wisdom will instruct the masses

Your mistakes will be replaced by integrity the basis for your ministry

Your worth will be revealed by the sacrifice of my life

You are loved – you are blessed – you have a new name – a new identity

I now believe…

I am not a failure. I am a child of God.

I am not my brokenness.  My broken pieces are the tapestry of a brand new life.

I am not an idiot. My mind has been renewed.

I am not a burden to man.  I am a burden to evil (that’s growing heavier everyday!).

I am not a problem. I am an answer to those who question God’s power.

I am not my past. I am redeemed for an eternal purpose.

I am not a mistake.  I am here for a reason.

I am not worthless. I am the apple of God’s eye.

I am lovable.  Jesus proved it by giving His own life (John 3:16; Rom. 5:8).


-Pastor Scott