When We Come Together


Recently I was asked to lead worship during a prayer gathering where several churches would be in attendance. As I prayerfully considered the song selection I realized that no matter what songs I selected not everyone was going to be familiar with the song. So, I asked The Lord for guidance. The answer I heard was to focus on what we all had in common. Well, we all have Jesus in common. No matter our denomination and varied beliefs we do all have Jesus in common. We may worship differently, we may pray differently, our sermons are varied but bottom line, we have Jesus in common. I ended up selecting the songs; “Let it be Jesus” by Chris Tomlin and “Lord I need you” by Matt Maher.

In the first song the first verse and chorus are:

Let it be Jesus

The first name that I call

Let it be Jesus

My song inside the storm

I’ll never need another

For me, to live is Christ

For me, to live is Christ

God I breathe Your name above everything

Let it be, let it be Jesus


In the song “Lord I need You” it states:

Lord I come, I confess

Bowing here I find my rest

Without You I fall apart

You’re the one that guides my heart

Lord, I need You, oh I need You

Every hour I need You

My one defense, my righteousness

Oh God, how I need You

My thoughts about this are about how we come together as a church family. As we grow as a church family we come with different views of the world. Maybe we’ve even come from different parts of the world. We may process information differently. We probably eat different foods and maybe dress differently. Our understanding of the scriptures may be slightly different but the thing we have in common is Jesus. Whether we are just learning about him or are well seasoned in our walk with Him we have Him in common. We all need Jesus. He will come beside us in the storm. He is the one that guides my heart, I need Him every hour.

My prayer for our church family is that we can all focus on what we have in common as we approach everything we do. Whether it’s coming together for small groups, serving each other or the community or just some project. Let us all approach these things remembering that Jesus is the reason we come together. Jesus is the purpose why we reach out to others. Jesus is who loves us and why we love on others. Jesus is my one defense, my righteousness oh God, how I need you.

Attempting to love you as Jesus would,

Marla Madderra

Discipleship Administrator