AS IS Family Ministries exists to Support, Empower, and Encourage families in our church and in our community. Our heart at As Is Church is to reflect the safe, welcoming, loving, and connecting nature throughout ALL our ministries and amongst all ages. Living out the motto, “Every person has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God… and if they matter to God they matter to us,” entails that every young person in our church family—from cradle to college—experience their personal value. Along with this, our heart is that every parent or guardian experience the support of a loving faith family. We will work toward these goals through our three focused ministries. 

  • Kids World (Nursery) (PreK/Kinder) (1st-5th Grade)
  • LIT Youth (Middle School) (High School)
  • Family (Parent or Guardian)


Kids World

The heartbeat of AS IS Kidz is that every child who walks through our doors will be heard, seen and loved. Heard (have a voice), Seen (for who God created them to be) and Loved (unconditionally). Our Kidz classes are a safe environment where children can come and experience Jesus’ love and inclusion. The average child attends church for one hour a week. We deeply desire for this time to be spent in the most effective way possible. We believe this is accomplished as your child learns of God’s love for them, and how He desires to change their lives. We use various methods throughout this time: music, crafts, games and lessons. We pray each week that every child’s heart would be open to receiving what God has for them! Our children may appear small, but as Jesus shows, His value of them is tremendous!


LIT Youth• Love God • Imitate Jesus • Transform Lives

LIT YOUTH is the youth ministry of AS IS CHURCH that exists to share God’s love with a broken and hurting generation. LIT Youth is a movement that exists to show the next generation whose they are and who they are. Further we seek to equip and train them to follow Christ and His example of a devoted lifestyle of love for God and love for people. Our goal is not to babysit your teen, but to bring the giant slayer out of your son or daughter. 

  • A giant slayer is someone who is overcoming personal giants in their life.
  • A giant slayer is a leader who helps others gain freedom from personal giants.
  • A giant is any obstacle that interferes with a person being all God has created them to be. 

Our message of hope will be expressed through games, activities, food, and words of life. LIT Youth is a place where your student will not only hear about the love of God in a way they can understand, but they will be a part of a community where they belong and can see this love in action.



Relief Ministries:

Our Relief Ministries reach out to the poor and needy in our Rockwood - Portland community.  Food and clothing are taken to two locations every Wednesday night beginning at our church location and near Fred Meyer Gateway.

Relief Ministry is a positive reinforcement of our Savior's compassion and healing for the poor and needy.   The outreach is also a faith builder for each volunteer who participates in the ministry.


Love Shack

Every time we hit the streets of our city with the love of God, we find men, women, children, and families in desperate need of love, comfort, and care. Our highest priority is expressing God’s love through a smile, conversation, and comforting words/actions. We want people to know they are valuable! They are made in God’s image – not discarded, worthless, or condemned. Our secondary goal is to bless them with warm food, clothes, socks, sanitary items, sleeping bags, and other basic care supplies.

Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is available to our As Is Family and referrals by our faith family and campus community.  Dry goods and occasionally cold storage foods are available on request.

Community Breakfast

Every 4th Saturday of the month we serve a hot breakfast and offer clothes to anyone that wants to come join us from 9 am to 1030 at our Kern Park location.  This is open to everyone in the community.



Women's Ministry

AS IS women’s ministry is a team of women who have been called and equipped to serve the women of AS IS Church and the community of Rockwood through the love of Christ. This team is passionate about providing a safe place for women of all ages for healing, growth and to encounter the love of Christ. We understand that as women we have come from different walks of life and have all encountered different challenges. We also have different gifts, talents and passions that drive our lives and desires. Therefore we all have different needs. AS IS women’s ministry wants to encourage every woman to be all that Christ has called them to be.  To empower them to walk in the freedom that Christ died for them to have and to equip them to walk out their calling by using the gifts and talents that they were given for building up of the church.

    Men's Ministry

    AS IS Men’s Ministry is a team of men that desire to Share God’s Love with a Broken and Hurting World By Loving God , Loving Others, Changing Lives. Our desire is for every Man to know who they are in Christ Jesus. 

    • To walk out life together.
    • To accept and meet each other right where each man is at in their life.
    • To encourage each other in our calling from the Lord. 
    • To be different than what the world tells us a man should be in our homes, families, churches, jobs, anywhere and everywhere we have influence in people’s lives.
    • To love God first, then our neighbor’s as ourselves, Mark 12:30-31. Finally Go and make disciples for Our Lord Christ Jesus, Matthew 28:19.
    04-08-2017 Men's Breakfast Kern Park 042.jpg


    Prayer Ministry

    Our Mission Statement:
    The ASIS Prayer Group exists to gather seasoned prayer warriors together for intercession for others and to experience God in a powerful and intimate way. To unite our church body by encouraging personal and corporate prayer. Prayer is pivotal and essential. Prayer is meant to line us up in His will and with His empowerment. Being faithful in prayer is the essential mechanism for reaching others with the faith. Nothing of value can accrue in you or through you without prayer.

    Children's Outreach Ministry

    The Children's Outreach Ministry consists of reaching outside the walls of the church to help children across the state and the world.  We have 4 major events we are a part of every year.  Compassion International -where you can sponsor a child of your choosing from another country. Backpack Collecting- We collect backpacks and school supplies for children in the community. Shoebox International- Filling shoeboxes with items for children in other countries. Angel Tree- We throw a Christmas party and collect presents for children whose parents are in prison.  There are many ways to connect to this ministry, all you need is a heart to bring a smile to a child's face, knowing that you may never see that child.



    Operations Ministry

    The operations team offers opportunities to serve our Lord Jesus Christ on 4 main ministry teams. We are always seeking volunteers/servants to help the operations team glorify God in all we do. These ministry teams include Worship and Event Setup Team, First and Lasting Impressions Team, Safety Team and Facilities Maintenance Team. Each one of these ministries are different parts of one body and are an important part of As Is Church glorifying God. Come to the table, all are welcome. Come be a part of, not a part from. We have a loving faith family who serves an awesome and powerful God. Join the team!


    Safety Team

    A safe and secure church means that all of the People, Places, Property, Programs and Processes of the place of worship are functioning in a way that is as free from the potential for harm as possible in every service and activity. This is the team that is present at main services and other times and provides close observation and readiness to contact 911 and respond to a disruption, a violent event or to an emergency of any kind.

    Worship and Event Setup Team

    The Worship and Event Set up Team is a great place to start if you are looking for a ministry to serve in. He team is responsible for the set up, tear down, storage and cleaning for Sunday services and other AsIs special events such as VBS, Church BBQs and more. It's more than just the task at hand. It is also about relationship as we get to know each other while we are doing the work.

    Facilities Maintenance Team

    One way the operations team glorifies God is keeping His house clean and well maintained. These duties include janitorial, facilities repair and grounds keeping. If your handy and have a heart for keeping the house clean this is a great place to begin serving. We want to present a facility that is clean and well maintained to Gods people. The team is always in need of volunteers/servants and all are welcome.

    First and Lasting Impressions

    This team consists of the people you see every Sunday morning doing the greeting, ushering, setting up communion, getting the coffee and pastries ready. 



    Tech Ministry

    Do you like tech?  Computers, cameras, sound, lights, screens?  Are you looking for a place to serve? We’re in the process of taking our tech department to the next level.  In the past, we’ve been able to run things with just a couple of people, however, we are now in need of a team. Man, woman, old, or young, it doesn’t matter.  All are welcome. We can train you on a specific job or all across the board.

    Multi-Media Ministry

    Our goal is to communicate to our church community and beyond of what God is doing through photos, graphics, videos, and social media post. If you have any creative aspirations this is the place to be.


    Care Ministry

    Prayer and  encouragement for the spirit, while  the body  is healing. The  purpose of this ministry, is to show God's healing love by offering prayer and encouragement to those hospitalized or recovering from medical procedures. As a faith family,  we want to walk through life together.  Sometimes small  groups take the lead  in this area. When that isn't the case, we want to be there as families should. You can be a blessing in someone's life when they need it most, by simply visiting and spending time with them. It doesn't take much time and we share the privilege, so it doesn't get overwhelming.