“AS IS is where I found Jesus, where I found forgiveness, where I found my joy and it’s my church home, my family”

- Brittany


“What I like about AS IS is I can go to the leaders and I have someone to talk to, and it’s really easy to talk to them because they understand”

- Jenna

“When I first came here I felt comfortable with everybody, this feels like my happy place. I always look forward to coming here every Sunday” 

- McKenzie



“Ive been going to ASIS church for five years now, ASIS church for me is like my second family because I feel like I can come to them if I have a problem, if I feel uncomfortable. I feel like I’m
just more comfortable around these people because they have the same problems some times as me and I feel like I can just connect with them more.”

- Serena

"We went, we loved it and at that point we had found our church, we had found our home, and we’re involved in the church and found a passion in Youth Group. My husband and I wanted to give the children something we didn’t have at their age"